House in Weybridge

Construction Bear undertook the renovation and interior decoration of this lovely two storey house in West London. The bedrooms and a bathroom are located on the upper floor with a large living room, the kitchen and another bathroom situated on the ground floor.

We were responsible for:

Electrical work
Ventilation system installation
Construction of walls and partitions
Flooring / floor screed
Wall strengthening, alignment and plastering
Plasterboard structures
Installation of lighting fixtures, sockets, electrical panels
Plumbing and piping (installation of toilets, shower and bath, water heaters, installation of mixers, filters, water meters, boiler installation, washing machine and dishwasher installation)
Kitchen installation

Our team carried out the initial design and planning of the project including the engineering plan, the floor plan, cost calculations and project management.

The client chose a contemporary style with wood as a key material. They had a taste for straight lines and geometric shapes, preferring straight walls, columns and suspended ceilings. All rooms were decorated consistently throughout.

We created an open plan living space on the ground floor, with zoning effected by columns and drywall partitions. Starting with the kitchen, we installed the latest modern appliances, integrating them into the kitchen’s layout to allow plenty of surface for cooking. We chose beige and pastels for the colour scheme to increase the sense of space. The kitchen flows smoothly into the large dining / living room, which we decorated in the same contemporary, sophisticated style. The white ceiling visually expands the space, whilst scattered ceiling lights and a large chandelier over the dining table create a soft, warm light to emphasise the elegance and purity of the dining area, which has been decorated in beige tones.

Large windows and decorated shutters let nature into the living room area. In keeping with the simple, natural feel, we dressed laminate with a rug for the flooring. The soft leather furniture reflects the theme of the room – simplicity, comfort and understatement.