Flat in Chelsea

Our clients preferred functionality, simplicity and contemporary styling. Our designers suggested a hi-tech style for the renovation of this 3 split-level maisonette, which favours simple, understated décor, plenty of light and air, the use of glass, plastic and metal, and state-of-the-art fixtures.

To create the look and feel of the apartment, our designers wanted to reflect the personality of the clients, who are interesting creative people who have travelled extensively. They wanted their home to be surprisingly different.

The Living Room

Here we chose a lively contrast of colours – yellow and blue, suggesting heat and cold, movement and rest – to create a joyful mood in the room. The light yellow walls expand the space as if they radiate light. We illuminated the room’s niches, not just to open up the room but also to allow the clients to display sculptures they have collected during their travels. We created a double-level plasterboard ceiling with lighting installed around the perimeter and chose an original style for the lamp as the ceiling’s central feature. To complete the open, airy feel, the living room floor was laid in light parquet. We decided on soft grey for the doors and some of the furniture, such as the coffee table, to slightly mute the vibrancy of the blue / yellow contrast. The overall effect was the create an inviting, invigorating, yet at the same time peaceful living space.

The Bedroom

For this style of apartment, the change of colour scheme when moving from room to room presented an interesting opportunity for creating mood. For the bedroom, our designers opted for a soft peach colour, complemented by glossy beige to evoke a sense of balance and tranquillity. In keeping with the client’s wishes for individuality, we specially designed a stretch ceiling of a very unusual form, which demanded great skill on the part of our specialists to install. The room now has a light, fresh feel where our clients feel deeply relaxed.


The installation of the various features of this renovation presented a number of complex challenges to our specialists, who tackled them cleverly and professionally. Ceilings had to be placed with absolute mathematical precision, especially for the third floor library. The staircase from the first to the second level had a very original and usual form, which meant that our team had to shape its steel handrail by hand. For the elevation from the second to third level, we designed a staircase without risers to create a remarkable weightless effect. Hi-tech style calls for completely smooth walls, which demanded exceptional workmanship from our team. Lastly, the flooring of black and white Italian granite with oak parquet took a great deal of care and patience to lay.