Flat refurbishment in Finchley

The client contacted Construction Bear and asked us to transform their old and dull kitchen, into something exciting, fresh and modern. We were delighted to help with this kitchen refurbishment, bringing new life, to this London kitchen.
Our team began the kitchen renovation by talking to the client about the colour scheme, they wanted something vibrant, which would really stand out and bring everything to life. We recommended a vivid ruby red, and the results speak for themselves, with the floor and walls immediately grabbing the attention of anyone who enters the room. Not satisfied with this, we then suggested a brilliant white scheme for the remainder of the kitchen, providing a stark and powerful contrast to the gorgeously tiled floor.
The next stage of the kitchen renovation was to update the sideboard and appliances. We elected to install a stylish, white speckled granite worktop, which complements both the white and the red, adding a third layer of contrast and maintaining the exhilarating feel of the room. This, coupled with the robustness and durability of granite, means that this London kitchen fitting will look just as good in five years as it does now.
We then turned our attention to the appliances, removing the worn units and installing a brand new, state-of-the-art oven, which is easily accessible, despite the kitchen’s relatively small size. We added a sink at the opposite end of the kitchen, which allows the owners to maximize the space, in the room, ensuring that people can cook and clean at the same time. Installing a new window at the same time, which is energy efficient, thanks to the double glazing and frosted to maximize our client’s privacy. We also added a new boiler and radiator, again adding to the energy efficiency of the house, which is beautifully disguised, ensuring that they don’t detract from the attractiveness of the design.
The other complex factor in this kitchen installation was the lack of natural light, with just a single window, serving the entire room. Our solution is simple, yet effective, adding discrete LED lighting, which enhances the lighting conditions in the room, without feeling artificial.
The metamorphosis is profound, an old and boring London kitchen, transformed into a vibrant and exciting room: vivid red tiled floors, perfectly complemented by a functional and attractive granite top, and a design that exudes light. While, the kitchen does not fall into the trap of being all style and no substance, with the appliances and new heating system, sure to stand up to the rigours of everyday life.
Another exceptional kitchen renovation by Construction Bear’s expert team, if you would like to see how we can help to transform your house, get in touch to have a discussion with a member of our friendly team!

Refurbishment and renovation

Apartments in Reading

The client tasked us with creating a contemporary take on the minimalist style for the refurbishment of this apartment. This called for simplicity, a reserved colour palette, an emphasis on functionality, an almost austere atmosphere with a minimal amount of furniture and a maximum of space, and the use of modern materials.

The challenge for our team was to carefully plan the layout, the colour scheme and lighting to achieve a maximum sense of space. Walls and ceilings in all the rooms were painted in shades of grey and white, which perfectly reflect light. Our designers chose multi-level lighting with built-in neon and halogen lights, not just in the ceiling but also in the walls, niches and shelving. We opted for glass for the tables, which emphasised the cool atmosphere and complemented them with large chandeliers. Finally, to maintain the sense of open space, a simple bar counter was installed to divide the kitchen off from the living room.

In a bold statement, our interior decorators used bright red to accent the colour scheme. This added an attractive dynamism to the overall effect. However, for the floors and upholstery, we kept to an understated monochrome. The doors were painted in a blue grey to complement the shades of the floor and walls and we used mirrors and glass to achieve a sense of smoothness and light.

Construction Bear created a home with a quiet, restful atmosphere where the client could unwind after an intense working day. The simplicity of lines and forms, the abundance of light, the lack of clutter all work together to evoke a sense of peace and harmony.

Kitchen remodelling

House in Weybridge

Construction Bear undertook the renovation and interior decoration of this lovely two storey house in West London. The bedrooms and a bathroom are located on the upper floor with a large living room, the kitchen and another bathroom situated on the ground floor.

We were responsible for:

Electrical work
Ventilation system installation
Construction of walls and partitions
Flooring / floor screed
Wall strengthening, alignment and plastering
Plasterboard structures
Installation of lighting fixtures, sockets, electrical panels
Plumbing and piping (installation of toilets, shower and bath, water heaters, installation of mixers, filters, water meters, boiler installation, washing machine and dishwasher installation)
Kitchen installation

Our team carried out the initial design and planning of the project including the engineering plan, the floor plan, cost calculations and project management.

The client chose a contemporary style with wood as a key material. They had a taste for straight lines and geometric shapes, preferring straight walls, columns and suspended ceilings. All rooms were decorated consistently throughout.

We created an open plan living space on the ground floor, with zoning effected by columns and drywall partitions. Starting with the kitchen, we installed the latest modern appliances, integrating them into the kitchen’s layout to allow plenty of surface for cooking. We chose beige and pastels for the colour scheme to increase the sense of space. The kitchen flows smoothly into the large dining / living room, which we decorated in the same contemporary, sophisticated style. The white ceiling visually expands the space, whilst scattered ceiling lights and a large chandelier over the dining table create a soft, warm light to emphasise the elegance and purity of the dining area, which has been decorated in beige tones.

Large windows and decorated shutters let nature into the living room area. In keeping with the simple, natural feel, we dressed laminate with a rug for the flooring. The soft leather furniture reflects the theme of the room – simplicity, comfort and understatement.

Open plan kitchen installation

Property redevelopment in Waddon

House remodelling in Waddon

Construction Bear undertook this complete house refurbishment with two storey rear extension and landscaping to create a beautiful new family home with all the modern conveniences fit for 21st century living.

The original 1920s building was in a bad state of repair, yet the property and its location had good potential for remodelling. Our design team decided to extend the structure to allow for a reception area, generous family room with a contemporary open-plan kitchen and an extra bedroom upstairs.




These structural works proved quite complex and took considerable technical skill on the part of the Construction Bear team to execute. The extension required structural reinforcement in the form of a 7m long steel beam placed on the first floor load bearing wall. To position the beam, our team had to demolish the rear wall of the ground floor, support the first floor with acrow props, then slide the steel beam through an opening in the side wall, guiding it precisely through the acrows to its exact placement on the load bearing wall. We then further reinforced the extension structure by building an additional three support columns.

To create the ultimate in comfort for family living, our kitchen specialists fitted a brand new modern kitchen, fully equipped with double oven, microwave, American style fridge freezer, wine chiller and four point induction hob with hood. For a beautiful, contemporary finish, our designers chose a stylish work top hand-cut from natural granite, along with a peninsula bar table for easy entertaining.

Our team remodelled the bathroom and installed a shower room (walk-in wet room), both with underfloor heating, brand new contemporary-style fixtures and fully tiled from floor to ceiling.

For the landscape design, we created a perfect entertainment/relaxation space in the rear garden with a large decking area that flows naturally out of the family room. In the front we regenerated the lawn and laid a block paving pathway and driveway, which provides off-street secure parking for four vehicles.

Construction Bear undertook all necessary works and finishing to remodel the house to the highest standard, including:

  • All electrical works
  • Carpentry work (including doors, stairways, skirting, shelves/cupboards)
  • Installing a complete new roof
  • Rendering
  • Flooring and adjoining
  • Boiler installation
  • Security installation
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation
  • Interior plastering
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Interior decoration
  • Drainage
  • Window and door installation
  • Loft storage space
  • Achieving 75 EPC points for energy efficiency

The result is a superb 3/4 bedroom semi-detached family home that is setting the tone for other developments in this exciting up-and-coming area.