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We’ve observed from our years of experience in the construction industry that many customers find sourcing reliable builders very difficult, especially in today’s crowded market. It’s chiefly for this reason that Construction Bear is a full-service building contractor. That way, we can ensure that every aspect of your building project meets the high standards that we promise.

Through maintaining consistently high quality across all our projects, we’ve achieved a solid reputation in the market and we win a lot of our business through recommendations from our customers. However, we think that when it comes to choosing a builder, it’s not enough for you to simply take our customers’ word for it, or indeed ours.

That’s why on our project pages we’ve decided to post images of the site before we begin construction and our finished product. Now you can truly see the quality of our work and how we can make the most of your ideas and wishes.

Each project demonstrates our designers’ imagination and attention to detail, the expertise of our engineers and the craftsmanship of our tradesmen – how they all work together to deliver a superb finished build to the delight of our customers.

We’ve recently posted new projects to our portfolio. Click here to explore further.

If you’d like to discuss a project with us, we’re always available to speak to you.

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