As featured on BBC – Homes under the Hammer


Our property redevelopment work in Waddon, Croydon, South London has recently been displayed on BBC’s renowned TV show “Homes under the Hammer – a program that features factual renovation and auction.

The video shows Construction Bear purchasing a 1920s building and taking it as a challenge to remodel it, placing all modern 21st century conveniences in it. The building was

not in good shape and needed some serious repairs, but had great potential for remodeling.

In this video, you would see how we decided to go for extensions in order to make space for a generous family room & a lavish reception area, along with some extra bedrooms upstairs. Our team of specialists went for a modern kitchen design, remodeled the bathroom completely, carried out plumbing, carpentry & electrical works throughout the house, interior decoration, and a lot more that needed to be done.

This was indeed an honor for us to have our property renovation work aired on Homes under the Hammer. It is currently BBC One’s most successful TV show on the 10 A.M. slot.

Our team was pretty much confident that with our construction company undertaking this task, this property renovation would be done with ease and that too, within budget.

Did Construction Bear sell the building or rented it out as their asset? Was the return on investment good enough to cover project costs?

Don’t forget to watch it! See this TV show (on BBC) for yourself to find out how the house was at the time of purchase and how it became after Construction Bear undertook the project. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the video or our work.

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